Course Projects and Outputs

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STECTL2 :Technology for Teaching and Learning 2 

(BSED Sci3A, Batch 2)

MIDTERM: Instructional Video Project

Each group shall create an Instructional Video.  They shall utilize any available materials and gadgets to produce any of the following:

  1. Lecture Video (A topic previously presented in PowerPoint and converted into a video with recorded voice over)
  2. Skill Demonstration Video (a demonstration of skill captured by a video/cellphone camera and edited using any video-editing software like Microsoft Movie, etc.)
  3. Instructional video (lesson from the course made of video clips from different sources and integrated to construct an instructional video utilizing any available video-production or video-editing software.)

Tutorials how to create a video are provided in the tutorial page.

The Instructional Video group output shall be evaluated using the Criteria for Instructional Video for your guide and reference.


  1. Lecture in PowerPoint Presentation converted to video with recorded voice over.
  1. Student project captured by a video camera and produced using video-editing software.
  1. Instructional video sample from Youtube.

EndTerm: Course Website Project

Each group is required to develop a Course Website to be uploaded to a selected host by the students.  The Course Website will contain digital materials required from the students area of specialization.

This endterm output shall be evaluated using the Criteria for Course Website Project.


Click the link below to view PREVIOUS STUDENTS’ Course Website Projects :

  1. BTTE 4 Electronics
  2. BTTE 4 Food Service and Management
  3. BTTE 4 Garments, Fashion & Design Technology



Educ 9: Educational Technology 1

(BS Psych 4A, Batch 2)


1. Bulletin Board

click Guideline and Criteria for Bulletin Board for this group output. The theme to be used: Critical Thinking: Tool to Enhance Students’ Analytical Skills.

2. Poster

An individual output is assigned to apply the learned principles in creating visuals. Each student will select a topic or theme and create a poster that depicts its thoughts through combining colors, lines, verbals and visuals. Click Guideline & Criteria for Poster to download.


1. Topic Hand-outs

Each group will be assigned a topic sourced from the main textbook. Expected output is a handout that is summarized to be distributed to the class. The group is required to research to collect examples and illustrations for the content of the handout provided, that sources are properly cited and referenced.
Criteria for Handouts will be used to evaluate this group output. Kindly download for your guide.

2. ePresentation

The group shall select one or two presenters to deliver the topic to the class during the scheduled meeting. Topic from the handout shall be outlined properly so that it can be delivered in the given period. The mark given by the selected evaluators and that of the instructor will be the grade of all group members for this output.
Criteria for ePresentation Slides will be used to evaluate this group output. Kindly download for your guide.

Evaluation of Group Outputs

The group will evaluate the contribution of each member using the Group Peer Evaluation Form as provided herein. This will be submitted individually to the instructor for each major group project during the Mid-term and End-term.

Evaluation of Topic Presentation

For the Topic presentation, there will be one student from each group assigned to evaluate the report using the criteria outlined in the Report Presentation Evaluation Form.



Computer Literacy Outputs

Kindly click the link to download required outputs.

Word Processing Outputs

MSWO Require 1
MSWO Require 2
MSWO Require 3
MSWO Require 4

Internet Research Output1

Spreadsheet Outputs

MS Excel Require 1

MS Excel Require 2

MS Excel Require 3

MS Excel Require 4

ePresentation Output

MSPowerPoint Required Output


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