Course Materials

Topic Outline for Handouts in Edtech1 and Edtech2


Edtech1: Technology for Teaching and Learning 1 

SPECIAL TOPIC: Critical Thinking

Topic 1 : Concepts, Definitions & Perspectives

Topic 2: Technologies for Learning

Topic 3: ASSURE Model
Topic 4: Visual Principles


Topic 6: Visuals
Topic 7: Audio
Topic 8: Video
Topic 9: Computers
Topic 10: Multimedia

Edtech2:  Technology for Teaching and Learning 2       

Topic 1: Internet and Intranet  Handouts.    

Topic 2: eLearning Handouts, eLearning Topic PowerPoint Presentation 

Topic 3: Blended Learning Handouts, Blended Learning Approach PowerPoint Presentation


Topic 4: Learning Management System (LMS) Handouts + CMS

For your COURSE WEBSITE Project, kindly subscribe to WordPress and create your account.

Topic 5 & 6: Distance Educ Hand-Outs 2020

Special Topic:  Critical Thinking Special Topic for MS Word version with citation and references.



Computer Literacy

Topic 1: Intro to Computer and ICT
Topic 2: Download free eBook from Microsoft Press Blog for the Windows Basic topics and demonstration

REFERENCE FOR MS WORD: Microsoft Office Word by: Torben Lage Frandsen or subscribe to: BookBoon and acquire free e-books
Topic 3: Basic Word Processing Application Skill
Topic 4: Advanced Word Processing Formatting Skills

REFERENCE FOR MS EXCEL: Use this Using MS excel Summarized Handouts or download an eBook from:
Topic 5: Basic Spreadsheet Application Skills

MS PowerPoint Free e-Books are available at Kindly choose the reference that matches the installed version in your gadgets.
Topic 6: Basic Electronic Presentation Application Skills
Topic 7: Basic Internet Searching Skills

NOTE: No specific version of the software will be provided as the activities focus on the skills and competencies to be acquired, and the required outputs/deliverables for evaluating performance. Students may use any available version from the lab, home or rentals.

NO HANDOUTS will be provided for activities requiring software. Please visit and subscribe to Book Boon at to access and download free ICT ebooks and references.