LATEST UPDATED EdTech1 Students Advisory for EndTerm

4 May

All students enrolled in Edtech 1 shall submit the EndTerm requirements given to your group prior to the COVID-19 period. Group leaders shall submit the following to the email address assigned to this class:[email protected] or PM through FB account to JRabbi Malaga.  For immediate reply to queries, call or send text messages to 09173002044 or  09054265328.


Those who do not have access or internet signal in your location you are given a one year provision to comply.  Please do not attempt to violate (IATF) government orders and issuances.  Wait for the time when you are allowed to go out, then initiate contact with your instructor for options and alternatives to comply with course requirements.  You will be given a temporary grade of INC in your EndTerm.

Safety First Before Anything Else.  Please Disseminate.


A. The deadline for Final Exam SUBMISSION is June 9, 2020. The following are to be observed:

  1. The submission shall be thru the assigned email to be properly acknowledged. You will automatically receive an “Acknowledgment Receipt” .
  2. Claiming as your own work the work of your classmate or others is a form of plagiarism or academic misconduct.  ALL SUBMISSIONS with identical answers including the original will be marked ZERO for allowing your answer to be copied.  Those who already committed this mistake, kindly email to admit and re-submit your own essay.

B. You will be provided with a “self-assessment form” to be your final submission in this subject which will be published on this Course Website on June 10, 2020. Kindly follow the instruction below:

  1. After downloading the form, completely and honestly fill-up the assessment form.
  2. This can be submitted online thru email or in printed form whichever is possible.
  3. Submit as soon as possible, or not later than June 15, 2020.

C. GRADE SHEETs will be submitted to the Registrar on JUNE 16, 2020. Those who cannot completely comply with the course requirements will be TEMPORARILY given a mark of INCOMPLETE (INC.).  You are also given a period of one (1) year to settleyour deficiency in this course.

D. ALWAYS CONSIDER your SAFETY by following government and CHMSC issued policies, rules, and procedures during this COVID19 period.

Latest Update as of June 3, 2020 

Due to the issuance of CHMSC VPAA Advisory No 10 s2020 students are allowed to come to CHMSC on schedules indicated.  All Second Year students are scheduled to be allowed in the campus on June 4, 2020.

EdTech1 students before going to CHMSC, please consider the following:
  • IN SUBMITTING INDIVIDUAL OUTPUTS; you submit a written hardcopy because you don’t have access to computer rentals or borrow gadgets within your location and cannot submit through online;
  • You missed and have to take quizzes but have to negotiate and arrange a schedule with the instructor.
  • BRING face mask

IF SUBMISSION can be done through online, DO NOT REPORT TO CHMSC.   BE SAFE.

REMINDER:  FINALIZE your Exam first before submitting it.  Do not make multiple submissions.  The FIRST submission will be the one to be evaluated, successive submission will be IGNORED.  Deadline is June 9, 2020.


Latest Update (May 27, 2020) Uploaded Form

PEER EVALUATION FORM for HandOuts & ePresentation Project links below:

BPED2A Peer Eval Form Handouts & PPt

BTLED2HE-1 Peer Eval Form Handouts & PPt

BTLED2HE-2 Peer Eval Form Handouts & PPt

BTLED2IA Peer Eval Form Handouts & PPt

Download and fill out only the page assigned to your group then email individually to: [email protected]

Latest Update (May 21, 2020)

You may now download your ENDTERM EXAM on the link below:

EndTerm Exams Sem2 20192020 EdTech1 Online Essay

Peer Evaluation and Self-Assessment forms will be published next week.  Prioritize on working with your groupmates for the completion of required outputs.

EndTerm Update (May 18, 2020)


(Deadlines are for those who have access and capacity to digitize and submit online materials and outputs.)

May 20, 2020  –  Online SURVEY (Follow-up of Group Submission)     

May 27, 2020  –  Group Topic Handouts 

May 30, 2020  – Group Topic ePresentation and Peer Evaluation

June 5, 2020 – NO MORE Individual Output (Lesson Plan).  Use your materials as a reference for the EndTerm Exam.

June 9, 2020  – Submission of End Exam (Online Essay) and self-assessment. (Kindly download the take-home examination questions below: (to be published here on May 20)


Classroom Written Examination is an option if the actual situation warrants.


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Group Outputs

a. Enhanced Handouts for the Topic assigned. Follow sample Filemane (BTLED 2HE1 Visual.doc)
b. PowerPoint presentation of the topic in Outline form. Same filename for MSPowerPoint.
c. List of members containing individual mobile phone numbers.  Survey Forms are published below for group leaders to fill out and submit:

Student Online Access Survey BPED 2A

Student Online Access Survey BTLED 2HE1

Student Online Access Survey BTLED 2HE2

Student Online Access Survey BTLED 2IA

Group leaders are tasked to gather needed data and submit accomplished form thru email or PM thru FB as soon as this info is available.  Just leave blank the cells for Groupmates with no mobile phones.


Individual submissions are the following:

a. Group Peer Evaluation form. Secure the form, fillout and submit individually thru email or FB.
b. Self-assessment Form:

For the meantime, secure your own copy of the endterm materials from the Course Materials Page.

All other assessable requirements INCLUDING SCHEDULES and DEADLINES will be published as soon as institutional policy and guidelines for END TERM is already available.

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