Deadline: Activity 1 for Internet & Intranets

2 Sep

DEADLINE for Activity1 is Friday, September 4, 2020



After reading and exploring the handouts, download and answer the  Activity 1 for Internet and Intranets from the Course Materials page. Answer the listed Activities 1 to 4.  SAVE your answers directly as a word-processed soft copy.  You may convert you MS Word file into PDF by changing the document type when you SAVE AS into anther file. Another option is to print and write directly answers on the respective pages, then scan later or take pictures, whatever capability your available gadgets can perform will do.

After answering, make sure that the soft copy version will be sent as attachment thru the email address assigned specific to your class.  Kindly follow the filenaming format below:

<Familyname/First character givenname>SPACE<courseyr&section>SPACE<Edtech2 Internet&Intranets ACTIVITY

Sample Filename:  DelaCruzF BECED3A Edtech2 Internet&Intranets ACTIVITY

When sending your email kindly supply information “Edtech2 Internet&Intranets ACTIVITY” on the SUBJECT BOX below the recipient TO: [email protected]

Make sure that your email contains your genuine name and profile.  Other wise, your submission will be disregarded.

IMPORTANT:  Do not post your outputs and activities on the class FB Group chat.  In special situation, you can be allowed to submit thru private message.

ONLINE SESSION is also scheduled on Friday, September 4, 2020 at the time slot allotted for Edtech2.

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